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Included services

Included services

The man who knows good sax

Key for this small visual identity has been to communicate clearly the availability to get hired for gigs and performances, as well as getting private lessons. This had to be well reflected in a single pay-off. Since every music style belongs to the expertice of Wilmar Sax Music, an creative approach has been taken be limited to one specific style. The result is a bold, creative, and clear identity. The photography supports all these elements and give a personal impression of Wilmar Hettema. 

191018 wilmar sax music stamp set 1000 477px 111958190254

Stamp in combination with multiple logo symbols

The stamps indicates a creative and self-made touch to the identity. It's based on the request not to be limited to one specific style, but to all music types Wilmar Sax Music masters. Although there are a multiple of 5 symbols that cover a range of different music styles, the recognition sticks.

191018 wilmar sax music business cards 01 1000 477px 111958189934

Photographed portrait series

To emphasize on the personal aspect, and to offer a clear impression of Wilmar Hettema, the choice for custom-made photography was easily made. It was directed to have a personal impression in combination with an urban atmosphere. There were 2 series shot: one outdoors and one in a record specials store.


191018 wilmar sax music business cards 02 1000 477px 111958189914

Set of business cards

By having a set printed of multiple logo symbols and with this different music styles, again a broad range is being covered. The cards offer inspiration for any type of music, while also having an urban look and feel to them. The implemented photography emphasizes on the personal aspect.

191018 wilmar sax music website homepage 1000 477px 111958189690
191018 wilmar sax music website performances 1000 477px 111958189667

Website based on strong visuals

The web design has been based on offering a personal impression of Wilmar Hettema, either for as a performing artist or as a private teacher. The urban feeling and core creativity flows through every section and page, while it's carried by big display of directed photographical images.

191018 wilmar sax music website lessons 1000 477px 111958189649
191018 wilmar sax music website about 1000 477px 111958189620
191018 wilmar sax music website links 1000 477px 111958189606

Offering information and inspiration

The key strategy for this identity has been to promote and introduce WIlmar Sax Music, but at the same time offering information and inspiration. The last page on the website is full of useful information. From saxophone rental to online radio stations that play nice sax music, to spaces for music practises and stages.

191018 wilmar sax music with compliments card 1000 477px 111958189360

With compliments card

After completing the assignment Skochi sent a card to Wilmar Sax Music and the photographer of the portrait series. It shows the fun shared on the shoot and co-creating this creative identity.

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