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Proud to hear from our clients

Proud to hear
from our clients

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Digital Design | Launch & Social Media Campaign

“I had the pleasure of working with Sacha a freelance graphic designer for a little over 3 years in my role as Web Marketing Specialist for Nikon Europe. Over the years we worked very closely on many projects from small DTP work to more creative activation image pieces, as well as the huge task of migrating all content for a new site design and then again for our responsive site. Working with Skochi you always know work will be delivered in a timely manner even when under huge time pressure. Not only is Sacha a very professional person she is also a very positive, enthusiastic and genuinely lovely person to work with. I would highly recommend Skochi for any design work and would most definitely work with her again.

Nikon Europe
Kate Mason
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Website Design | Ads | Social Media

“Skochi is seasoned and professional with creative and original approaches. During the cooperation Skochi helped developing online and offline promotion items (e.g. posters and social media campaigns). The stand alone assignment for responsive redesign of eCooltra's website required consideration of all dynamic possibilities. Skochi's work is characterized by a consistently high level of creativity and easy way of implementation. The cooperation ran smooth and professional, with Skochi being able to make own decisions instantly within the demands we make for quality.”

Cooltra Motos
Marcel Brons
Barcelona, Spain
Visual Identity | Web Design | Pixel & Paper

“Skochi is a passionate design professional who’s also able to work well as part of a cross-media team. Together we have replaced the visual fundament of the Midzomergracht Festival. Skochi’s empathy and graphic design skills provided a fresh new identity with a form of concept that fits seamless across the multiple media channels of the festival. Sacha, it was a pleasure working with you on this project and I’m very proud of the result.”

Midzomergracht Festival
Jan van Wijngaarden
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Brand Strategy | Visual Identity

Sacha is a gifted art director with a rare combination of creativity and project management skills. After a change in geographical market, Skochi was hired to redesign the entire brand to match that change. She went over and beyond what was asked of her by conducting interviews with people operating in our new market. I was impressed by her level of creativity in combination with her efficiency and ability to meet deadlines. In addition she builds very human connections, is genuinely interested in her clients and their needs. I’ll be sure to hire Skochi again for any follow up work in the future.

Business Basecamp
Patricia Zeegers
Barcelona, Spain
Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Website Design | Short Copy | Social Media Campaign

Skochi wants to make the world more beautiful. Through contact, communication, designs and writing. Business is being done in a way the client feels comfortable. Skochi stands for creativity, trustability and punctuality. I think it’s unique in a way of thinking different and not taking the common roads. This also goes for the contact: warm, integer, friendly, accurate, a radiation of trust. Working with Skochi feels like a warm blanket no matter the request or how complicated it may seem. They know how to reassure at times of deadlines and in situations of stress.

Martina | Phelipa
Natasha Martina - Phelipa
The Hague, The Netherlands

Pleased to hear
from our partners

“I speak for the entire VG-team if I say that we highly appreciate our collaboration, in which we experience Sacha as a very pleasant person. Someone who knows what she wants, but allowing her partners to perform at their best within own expertice. She gladly takes recommendations to heart that contribute to achieving the best result. Next to this are the short lines in communication and actions. The impression I have is of someone very enthusiastic and willing to give her best for a nice and challenging project. She guards her own boundries but at the same time giving other 'fellow nerds' space to support and excel. Each with drive for our own expertice but with the same goal for getting a great result of which we can both be proud. And maybe most important of all: making the final client feel good.

VG Print
Peter Ebben
Vianen, The Netherlands

Always staying within the essence of a good design, listening carefully and communicating clearly. Received design work files are build up neatly.


It’s by expectation now that they go through delivered websites as if to say with a fine-toothed comb. Skochi stays true to herself: making great designs.

Ragfijn Webservice
Roelof Bos
Utrecht, The Netherlands