Pixel & Paper
Jaw dropping design that connects


Every message you want to get across needs a graphic design. It can be part of a campaign but also a separate item. Whatever the purpose, it all needs a visual appeal, bundled in a compact, informative total package for one frame. For many items this is challenging because you want to address a lot in a limited amount of space: the topic of promotion, header, image, tone of voice, brand values, CTAs, and contact information.



For each item we mix all these requirements into one clear, bold, attractive design. Designing a website requires other considerations. Such as determining the main purpose of the website. This can be a combination of things: corporate exposure, information, increasing conversions for web shops and so on. Skochi offers a full package of design and development including a customized CMS for websites.



We design items for online or print that contribute to high response rates, satisfaction among recipients and a professional impression of your brand communication.


Web design and development - CMS Full package

The web designs that we provide including a customized CMS (Content Management System), consist of a clear and compact overview of the back end. This allows you to have an easy maintainance and management of your content. It’s an alternative to the jungle search activities that can be experienced, for example, with open source applications such as WordPress. Skochi offers the full package in collaboration with partner Ragfijn Webservice. Our sincere drive is to offer you a comfortable, easy to implement, self-controle over your website.


Pixel & Paper includes

  • Design of online items: mastheads, banners, modules, ads, and so on.
  • Design of print items: leaflet, brochure, product sheet, poster, billboard, roll up banner, invitation, etc.
  • Website design including development and customized CMS
  • Design of webshop

It will provide

  • Design of ready-made online items
  • Design of ready-made print items
  • Design of website and webshop ready for implementation
  • Short copy for headers, CTAs, and body texts.
  • Selection or creation of (stock) images