Pellegrinus Kosmetiek
Identity Cosmetic Clinic

Strategic brand development

Pellegrinus Kosmetiek is a sister company of Pellegrinus Kliniek that offers skin-related cosmetic care. They offer treatments for removing excessive hair, pigmentation spots and tattoos. Because these are not covered by health insurance, this means that the target group mainly pays for treatments themselves. That is why a commercial strategy has been set up with a strong emphasis on the medical dermatological origins of the clinic. It was therefore required for Pellegrinus Kosmetiek to be visibly related to the Pellegrinus Clinic. The primary target group is women who live in the region with a Turkish, Arabic and Middle Eastern background with excessive hair conditions. Secondary target group are men with the same background and all others who need skin treatments for removal of any kind.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek logo 1000x477px 111968037339

Design of logo

An important condition for the design was to be visibly related to Pellegrinus Clinic, in order to communicate dermatological origins and skills. Another interest was addressing the primary target group with Turkish and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

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Colors and fonts

Because of the need to appeal to the primary target group with Turkish and Middle Eastern backgrounds, a number of warm but clean colors have been chosen. This in combination with large parts of white. The fonts have remained the same as for Pellegrinus Clinic, but in different colors and thicknesses for a more powerful and activating appearance due to the need of commerce.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek stationery 1000x477px 111968037074


A set of stationery has been designed for the basic needs of the clinic. Such as an appointment card, letter head and envelopes.

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Because of the commercial strategy, the approach for the images have been to show humans. They're selected from stock offer, and visualise anyone within the target group. The close-up photography gives an impression of nearness while the absence of clothes and accessories emphasises on the actual subject of treatment: the skin. Implementation of the images to the entire branding create a whole-in-one professional, targeted, clean, close and disarming look and feel.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek website homepage 1000x477px 111968037191
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Website design

The same concept for the implementation of images, colors and fonts has been applied for the web design. It is clean, professional, human, informative and focuses on the different target groups. Another element that contributes to this is keeping large parts empty as a white background.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek folder 1000x477px 111968037117


Per treatment category a leaflet has been designed. It provides information on treatments, shows prices and offers an impression of the clinic.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek pricelist covers 1000x477px 111968036859
190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek pricelist 1000x477px 111968037017

Annual price list per treatment

Due to differing prices per year a separate price list has been added. This enables a swift change for updates in yearly prices without having to produce the leaflet again.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek flyer 1000x477px 111968036822


The implemenation of the branding easily applies on any item including these flyers.

190626 pellegrinuskosmetiek facebook banner 1000x477px 111968036767

Items for account social media

The versatile application of the image bank in particular also works well with items for social media account pages.