Pellegrinus Kliniek
Brand Development Health Clinic

Included services

Included services

Branding for phlebology and dermatology clinic

Pellegrinus Kliniek has been established to offer medical treatments for phlebology and dermatology. Their target group is regional based in the surrounding areas outside of Rotterdam city. Employed specialists are connected to the Erasmus Hospital, which guarantees a responsible, medical fundament. In order to obtain a ZKN-certificate, required by health insurance companies, various items for information have been designed in addition to creation of the Visual Identity.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek logo hero total width 1000x477px 111968810488

Design of logo

The logo shows a visible relationship between the clinic and Erasmus University. That is why a universal symbol for Medicine, the cross, has been used. The cross consists of two wrapped bandages that represent the historical method for bandaging in past phlebology treatments. It has been given a modern design, in accordance with the modernized treatment methods.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek logo diapositive 1000x477px 111968810438

Alternative logo variations

The logo as it can be used in addition to the main logo, strictly on corporate colored backgrounds only. They provide a broader use and application of the logo, within the brand's corporate standards.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek typeface and colors 1000x477px 111968810380

Colors and typefaces

The turquoise color referes to the medical field in relation to hygiene. Purple contrasts well with this, and provides a solid appearance. By using large white parts for background, the identity offers a modern, clean, and sound overall look and feel.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek stationery business cards 1000 477px 111966309184

Business cards

Set of business cards for management, specialists, and staff.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek stationery letters and envelopes 1000x477px 111968810285


Set of basic items such as letterheads, appointment cards, and envelopes in different sizes.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek appointment card 1000x477px 111968810245
190617 pellegrinuskliniek images 1000x477px 111968809992


Selection of imagery, to use for corporate promotions such as print items and web site. Concept and angle of approach are to celebrate the joy that good looking legs can give, and also fashion that comes along with this. The images contain a visual tone-of-voice of easy accessibility, and the clinic's promise of increasing your 'joie de vivre'.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek webdesign homepage 1000x477px 111968751918
190617 pellegrinuskliniek webdesign pages 1000x477px 111968751907

Web design

Design of a compact website, with the main function of informing visitors about treatments, safety policy, and the clinic team.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek folder 1000x477px 111968809913

Brochure and Pricelist

Design of a clear, appealing brochure offering information about treatments and explanation of the condition. An annual price list is enclosed separately.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek advertorials 02 1000x477px 111968748872

Ads for newspapers and magazines

Designed grid for advertorials, to be used for multiple media formats of newspapers and magazines.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek posters 1000x477px 111968810045

Posters on rules and policy

Designed to offer clarity and information on the safety policy.

190617 pellegrinuskliniek counter 1000x477px 111968810096


Labeling of the counter at the entrance of the clinic.