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Included services

Included services

Design for print and digital

In addition to the design for the Nikon Europe company website, there have also been a number of stand-alone items, designed for print or digital.

190708 nikon cashback logo variation 1000x477px 111966997796

Design of Cashback logo

Design of an attention label for returning promotion campaigns for temporary Cashback on selected products. It consisted of designing the word mark Cashback, with space for communication of the Nikon word mark, product logo, amount, currency symbol, and duration. The arc outline on top referes minimalistic to lens caps, an object much associated with photography in general. A Style Guide has been created accordingly, to maintain its implementation and to enable franchisees to apply content themselves in any language. The label is designed for large and small sizes, depending on the amount of content, and is available in Nikon's corporate colors black and yellow.

190708 nikon cashback logo guidelines implementation 1000x477px 111966997755
190708 nikon cashback promotion implementations 1000x477px 111966997737

Product sheet CPX P1000

The camera launch of the CPX P1000 included a double-sided leaflet to provide retailers with product features and details. Requirements were to offer a compact impression of the camera at the front side, while listing the great amount of specifications in an ordenly manner at the back side. The leaflet has been edited for localization in 15 languages.

190708 nikon cpx p1000 product sheet english 1000x477px 111966997711
190708 nikon cpx p1000 product sheet localizations 1000x477px 111966997671

Design for digital hub

As part of advertising, Nikon promotes content lead on their official channels such as YouTube. The videos share the experiences of (semi) professional photographers who use Nikon equipment. When visitors have watched the video, the end still consists of interactive buttons that point to specific landing pages on the company website. Traffic from different social media channels is generated in this way and redirected to the company website. Buttons are being designed with eye on tight graphic grids, conditions and restrictions from the specific social media channel, clear readabilty and staying within brand guidelines.

190806 digital hub main tv commercial 1000 477px 111964495803
190806 digital hub main behind the scenes 1000 477px 111964495762
190806 digital hub sub 1000 477px 111964495941