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Included services

Design for corporate website Europe

Nikon Europe changed their digital marketing strategy from advertising to a content lead brand. This applied, among other things, to content lead on the company website and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Skochi has worked closely together in creating digital content for newly launched products, as well as designing resources for the twice-renewed company website. The website has a range of 37 countries that are considered within the European continent.

190708 nikon overview lay out website total 1000x477px 111967013586

Overview corporate website

An overview on the corporate website's lay-out and elements. All pieces that are pointed out are part of digital assets designed by Skochi.

190708 nikon rich navigation content modules 1000x477px 111967003015

Clarfiying navigation visuals

The corporate website consists of main product categories that are subdivided into subcategories. These rich navigation assets have been designed to offer visitors a clear and quick overview. Each asset is designed within the guidelines of its product category.

190708 nikon mastheads product launches 1000x477px 111967013521
190708 nikon mastheads awards 1000x477px 111967002989
190708 nikon mastheads seasonal promotions 1000x477px 111967013481

Mastheads on homepage

Main position for exposure is the carousel masthead on the homepage. Whenever visitors arrive on the website, the first thing they see is promotion of a newly launched product, a promotional season, award announcement etc. Mastheads were designed from concept to creating the visual, and staying within the brand essence and specific guidelines of its product group.

190708 nikon mastheads w300s 1000x477px 111967002959
190708 nikon products homepage highlight bar 1000x477px 111967013422

Highlight bar new products

The highlight bar gives a select range of products extra exposure on the homepage. The homepage highlight bar has been subdivided in product categories such as Nikon SLR, Nikon1, CPX, Nikkor Lenses, Speedlights and Sport Accessories. Products are technically scaled to their actual size in proportion to each other, so that each individual product demonstrates its characteristics.

190708 nikon products detail page 1000x477px 111967013199

Product detail pages

Visitors of the website arrive on the product detail pages through cross-navigation within the website, or from outside the corporate website through product ads. The product detail page shows the most important features in a first glance, and provides detailed information when scrolling down the page. Product images have been created on specific dimensions per frame and in correct proportions.

190708 nikon key fetaures 1000x477px 111967002914

Visualization Key Features products

On the product detail page visitors can also view the product's key features. These images have been designed to point out specific benefits and elements.

190805 nikon overview page main product categories 1000 477px 111964601675
190805 nikon overview page sub product categories 1000 477px 111964601648

Product category overview pages

The website is constructed for the various product categories. The main categories consist of the 3 camera types, while sub categories comprise lenses, accessories and sport optics. Each product category has its own overview page for a quick look on all products included. For the main categories this implies display with correct, realistic proportions of the cameras compared to each other, in order to show the size feature best.