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Social Media Advertising

Included services

Included services

Promotion campaign for social media

Black Friday and Cyberweek are huge sales moments at the end of November. Customers are targeted by banners on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Network. The promotion consists of a selected range of products offered with discount. Banners and mastheads have specific dimensions per channel, and are localized for 15 languages. The campaign has a reach of 37 countries throughout Europe.

190705 nikon blackfridayandcyberweek proposal designs 1000x477px 111967279366

Concept and design of Key Visuals

Both campaigns requiered a key visual as main recognition, visibly related to each other. They communicate: the purpose of promotion, a premium appeal, a bold and powerful impact by contrasting colors, and within corporate brand guidelines. Partly in accordance to the new brand guide, and partly in the current style. 

190704 nikon blackfriday website teaser 1000x477px 111967280044

Black Friday teaser corporate website

First item of the campaign launched in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. The masthead functions as a teaser, and has first sight exposure when visitors enter the homepage of Nikon's corporate website.

190704 nikon blackfriday website landing page 1000x477px 111967345279

Black Friday landing page website

While the campaign is running, the target group that's showing interest by clicking on one of the social media items is being re-directed to the landing page. Here they find further, speficied information on the Black Friday offer.

190704 nikon blackfriday gdn banners 1000x477px 111967344987

Black Friday Google Display Network banners

The Black Friday promotion applied to various dimensions for Google Display Network. Preparations leading up to this included an A/B testing.

190704 nikon blackfriday website content module 1000x477px 111967344799

Black Friday Content module corporate website

The Black Friday offer is promoted on the corporate website too. Through content modules visitors are being re-directed to the landing page.

190704 nikon cyberweek website teaser 1000x477px 111967340413

Cyber Week teaser corporate website

190704 nikon cyberweek e mailing groups 1000x477px 111967340340

Cyber Week e-mailing specified target groups

Localized for 15 different languages.

190704 nikon cyberweek facebook carousel images 1000x477px 111967340292

Cyber Week Facebook images

For carousel display, in order to show more content.

190705 nikon cyberweek gnd 160x600 localized 1000x477px 111967282405

Cyber Week Google Network Display

Set of banners with various dimensions for ads on Google Network Display.

190705 nikon cyberweek gnd 728 90 localized 1000 477px 111966930459
190705 nikon cyberweek gnd 300 250 localized 1000 477px 111966936703

Cyber Week masthead landing page

190704 nikon cyberweek landing page website 1000x477px 111967282427