Midzomergracht Festival
Identity LHBT Festival

Bring it on for the cheerfulest festival!

Everything has been pulled out for the restyling of this LGBT-festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Proud, loving, cheerful and together: Utrecht celebrating sexual diversity. Every annual edition this 12-day long festival attracts over a 6000 visitors coming from all corners of the country, offering a program full of celebration, visibility, parties and giving information and education. We restyled the visual identity for their upcoming 17th edition, and in addition a jubilee logo for their 20th anniversary three years later.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival logo 1000x477px 111971419732

Design of logo

Requirements were to represent the LGBT-community as well as communicating the city of Utrecht. The universal rainbow colors have been integrated with the charesteristic canals of the Medieval city centre of Utrecht. By its holistic manner the logo not only shows the festivals' core message of spreading love, but the canal bridge also shows a parable with the capital character 'M'of the festival's name.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival colors and fonts 1000x477px 111971491175

Colors and typography

All colors of the rainbow have been used fully for implementing a wide color range, covering all the nuances as can be found in sexual diversity. Fonts have been selected for a clear and friendly appearance due to curves and thicknesses, with distinction to use for headers or body texts.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival payoff 1000x477px 111971490902

Implementation of style guide

Clear guidelines how to use and implement selected colors and fonts for lay outs of program items and date banners.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival banners 2015 1000x477px optie 02 111967513246

Key visual - Advertorial web banners

Set of banners on various dimensions to save-the-date, to be promoted on a number of web channels.

190724 midzomergrachtfestival posters 1000 477px 111963543632

Key visual - Posters in city centre

Posters on A1 size spread through the city in cafes, outdoor environment and hallways of organisations in the weeks leading up to the festival.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival banners 1000x477px 111971490786


A selection of images with grid for editing, in order to increase recognizability for all promotional items of the festival thoughout the city centre. As well as for various publication and exposure in related media nationwide.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival folder rollup banners 1000x477px 111971490488

Festival program pocket folder and banners

Instead of the previous program of 40 pages, used for years, the pocket folder has been launched. Short introducements of the program and activities, and generating traffic to Facebook and the website. Introducing the mapfolder saved 50% of the budget which was spent annualy for producing the former 40-pages brochure.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival website 01 1000x477px 111971486748

Web design

All promotional items contain only essential information in order to keep it compact. They refer and direct to the website as main spot for information. Gained traffic will enter the website with sight on the full program activities devided per day. Smart use of the corporate colors make sure a clear and logical arranged structure is being provided to visitors. Functionality is being maintained by folding structures in case of interest for one of the many activities per day.

190517 midzomergrachtfestival website 02 1000x477px 111971486791

CMS (Content Management System)

In the 6 weeks leading up to festival the website is being used a main source of communication for last minute information and news updates. This way the website functions as an organic instrument giving full access and control by the low-entry CMS, in order to enable the organisation of the festival up until the very last moment.

Measured results

Within 4 weeks: gain of almost 13000 unique visitors to the website, 9800 in the last 2 weeks leading up to the festival and 3.200 afterwards. Within 6 weeks: number of likes on Facebook nearly tripled from 535 to 1502 likes.

190518 midzomergrachtfestival walk of love hero 1000x477px 111971421065
190518 midzomergrachtfestival walk of love canals on corner 1000x477px 111971420000
190518 midzomergrachtfestival walk of love voorstraat 1000x477px 111971420719
190517 midzomergrachtfestival oudegracht 1000x477px 111971490280
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We love diversity.