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Included services

Included services

Launch campaign

Martina | Phelipa started a promotion campaign to launch her repositioining and rebranding in accordance. To address all aspects of business development in health care, the strategy is chosen to run two different campaigns simultaneously. The first is aimed at the board of directors who speaks at a certain level in a specific language. The second is to visualize every human aspect that is important for qualitative health care in clinics and hospitals.

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Emphasis on recurring investment

For the board of directors there's been taken a specific approach. A number of topics that concerns business development are being addressed in the header copy. This is done in a direct manner, based on the brand values as explored in the Positioning Session. In response to the questioning headers, a clarifying facts and figures note is stated below. By doing so, Martina | Phelipa shows her know-how, expertise and drive for any business development case in health care.

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Overall campaign

The second campaign communicates the passion and drive for any of the aspects within business development for health care. This is done by a selection of realistic photographic stock images that show many recognizable situations: for surgeons to cleaners and for patients to their beloved ones. Anyone working in health care can relate himself to some of these situations. The stimulating headers address realistic topics in business development of clinics and hospitals. With this Martina | Phelipa points out that she never looses sight of the whole picture, and this includes every single person that matters in the dynamic environment of qualitative health care.

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