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Business strategy for better health care

Martina | Phelipa is a business strategy consultancy specialised in health care. Tenders have a duration differing from months to years, and can take place in any segment and from hospitals to clinics. A strategic branding has been created to target boards of directors, emphasizing on approach to successful performance: consideration of all the ones involved - patients, specialists, and staff. Charecteristics traits like humanity, warmth and positivity are well-integrated elements.

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Key strategy for branding

Clear communication of the holistic approach that contributes to successful business strategy, experienced in a variety of specialism in health care.

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First visualization of specific approaches, personal traits and inspiration that are part of successful provision of services for business strategy, specifically in health care.

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Design of logo

The logo visualizes the 3 main involved parties to consider for successful conduct of business: Board of directors (business > purple), Specialists and staff (medical > turquoise), and Patients (human, emotions > ruby). Together the 3 circles form an holistic flower, which symbolises growth and evolvement. Purple and turquoise are used primary colors to offer a solid business-wise medical-related fundament.

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Even though health care is being approached from a business point of view, the human aspect both for patients and employees are elementary. The tagline communicates two ways: the main offer of Martina | Phelipa (business development and processes) and the result of these services (accomplish better health care). Better health care as to be considered from all angles involved: for business results, for interests of employees and of patients. Because the company operates internationally, the tagline in formulated both in Dutch and English.

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Colors and typefaces

Personal traits like warmth and positivity are integrated through colors and shapes. A minimal selection of 2 typefaces are selected to create a professional, present-day, evenly, clear and open overall look & feel.

Tone of voice and short-copy

Part of branding is a tone of voice which encloses a charecteristic manner of speaking, accent, or use of terminology. The tone of voice is based on the outcome of elementary values explored in the Positioning Session. For Martina | Phelipa this means use of an open, interested, questioning, to-the-point addressing copy.

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Responsive Web Design

As part of the branding a new responsive website has been designed and developed. It has been directed towards a compact, clear and inspiring overview of the expertise and services of Martina Phelipa, combined with an impression of personal drive and inspiration. The design is based on association with the health care industry, integrated with the brand values.

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Part of responsive web design is to guarantee the display of the website on a variety of devices. For mobile this means functionality and display on the most common types of smart phones.

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Promotion campaign - Addressing board of directors

Angle of approach for the promotion campaign towards boards of directors is to show facts and figures as a result of well-processed business developement and strategy. This is being combined with a personal visualization of the owner for introduction.

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Complete promotion campaign

To have a better look at all advertistement pieces, please go to category 'Campaign' in the navigation bar, or find it under 'Launch & Go' at Services.