Launch & Go
Promotion campaigns for those who are here to stay


Every product, service, or awareness is in need of communication towards your target group. This can be for the launch of a new product or service, targeting a new market, raising an awareness, or to intensify sales in a temporary time frame within the season.



Successful campaigning is about telling the story of your topic. And by displaying this through the right channels. We design the story to tell and do this through attractive visualization, stimulating short-copy, and clear information about how to get in touch for more information. Campaigns can be carried out in the short and long term or have a follow up regularly. Cross-media channels consist of banners for social media, video, online advertising, billboards, magazine advertisements, exposure on corporate website, and so on.


A promotion campaign contributes to higher sales rates, gain of traffic to the website, gain of contact responses by use of CTA’s (Call To Actions), or provides higher ranking of your brand in people’s minds and how’s it's being associated. Results and effects can be measured relatively easy on company's side.

Launch & Go includes

  • Concept for angle and storytelling.
  • Short copy for headers and CTAs.
  • Direction and execution of photography and video.
  • Design of advertising grid.
  • Easy implementation for various campaign-wide items.

It will provide

  • Toolkit with lay-out grid for advertising.
  • Ready-made high resolution files for print press.
  • Ready-made digital files for online advertising.
  • Imagery collection of images, icons, or illustrations.