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Included services

Included services

Design for various global programs

IDH Sustainable Trade convenes companies, CSOs, governments and others in public-private partnerships. Together they drive the joint design, co-funding and prototyping of new economically viable approaches to realize green & inclusive growth at scale in commodity sectors and sourcing areas. Skochi has brought conceptual approaches to design for specific international programs.

190717 idhsustainabletrade espo logo 1000 477px 111965713113
190717 idhsustainabletrade espo logo diapositive 1000 477px 111966134750

Design of logo for ESPO

ESPO aims to build upon existing declarations and commitments on sustainable palm oil in Europe. For this IDH and MVO (the Dutch Oils and Fats Industry) established the European Sustainable Palm Oil project in 2015, and its objective is to achieve ‘100% sustainable palm oil in Europe by 2020’. Skochi designed the logo with the approach to relate it to North-West European design with a friendly yet stately appeal. The logo offered a base for future items to be created.

190717 idhsustainabletrade espo brochure cover spread 1000 477px 111966218809
190717 idhsustainabletrade espo brochure inside spread 1000 477px 111966218786
190717 idhsustainabletrade espo brochure last spread 1000 477px 111966218742

Report for stakeholders

Important elements of the logo design have been applied to the design of the report. With fonts, colors, shapes and especially a spatial design, the report can be easily read for the amount of information, studying facts and figures and background information.

190717 idhsustainabletrade espo icons 02 1000 477px 111965713764

Set of icons

Facts and figures are visualized in a compact, clear and informative way for easy processing.

190721 idhsustainabletrade pakistanbuyersforum logo 1000 477px 111965712809

Logo for Pakistan Buyers Forum

This platform is composed of private and public members representing 23 international brands that source Pakistani Textile products. The Buyers’ Forum in Pakistan is being jointly facilitated by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Netherlands embassy, in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan. The Pakistan Buyers’ Forum was established so buyers and manufacturers could discuss sustainable practices, improve compliance and report on environmental, labour and health & safety standards and their implementation in the garment and textile sector in Pakistan.

The logo design has been unanimously approved by all parties involved, from the Pakistani government to cooperating brands such as Zara, H&M, Primark, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Walmart and HEMA. It was subsequently stated that a unanimous agreement by various parties at this level is rare.

190723 idhsustainabletrade pakistan buyers forum rollup banners 1000 477px 111965715552

Roll up banners for launch meeting

The banners supported the meeting for the official launch of the platform's website. The meeting was attended by a delegation of officials, including the Dutch Minister of Commerce.

190717 idhsustainabletrade malawi tea 2020 logo 1000 477px 111965711715

Design of logo Malawi Tea 2020

For this 'revitalisation programme towards living wage' a bold, important, and dynamic logo has been designed. It visualizes the joint effort of stakeholders and partners from across the entire tea value chain, in order to help fostering a more competitive and profitable Malawi tea industry where workers earn a living wage and smallholders a living income. The emphasis is also on women and men being able to work in healthy and fair working conditions.

190721 idhsustainabletrade malawi tea 2020 road map 1000 477px 111965711172
190721 idhsustainabletrade malawi tea 2020 roll up banner 1000 477px 111965711320

Road map and roll up banner

The road map has been designed to offer an overview of objectives and according activities within time line set for 5 years. The bold, colorful, African graphic style has been applied to both the road map and roll up banner.