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Skochi gets inspired by many initiatives, people, ideas, brands, and other cool things happening. We like to show you what makes our heart beat faster, no matter the angle where it's coming from!

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Snask - Request for rebranding of North Korea

Creative agency Snask from Stockholm, Sweden, decided to write an open letter to the regime of North Korea. In the letter they request North Korea to make some changes, mainly to turn into a democracy. This way people will 'Love Korea'. The letter is being sent with a preview for rebranding, as this is the field of expertise of Snask. Visit their website to have a full look:

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Esther Perel - Podcasts 'Where should we begin?'

Esther Perel is a New York based therapist. She has spent years of research on how people interact with eachother, and found how often personal backgrounds participate in this. Her message is that the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. She offers counseling for business relationships, but has gained the most publicity with the books she has written and podcast sessions she has recorded on advising couples. The principle is that we are all in relation with everyone who is part of our lives. She has a kind, non-judgemental, inviting and clarifying manner when dealing with shared stories. In 2018, she was interviewed for 3 hours in the Dutch TV program 'Zomergasten'. More information can be found at


Snarky Puppy - Chemistry at try out 'Thing of gold'

The American band formation Snarky Puppy introduced their album 'Ground up' in an innovative experience to a select audience. The audience has been seated in the middle, while the band members are positioned around them for the full surround experience. In this song 'Thing of gold' everything that builds up to chemistry is present: team play, interaction, mixing of styles, constructed compostion, joy, precision, climax, and ear for detail.

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