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Brand Development for Haaglanden Clinics

Haaglanden Clinics has been newly established and offers Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Sleep Medicine on an excellent level. They operate in relation with HMC Hospital in The Hague. They invested in Brand Development in order to set a clear and unambiguous course for the partnership and clinic, and to determine their most distinctive values and features to communicate. This emphasized on their innovative methods, exceptional high-quality standards and drive to offer a comfortable surrounding to their clients.

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Design of logo

The logo shows an outline of the clinic's initials. It also associates with a wave, because of the location next to the sea. The symbol has been minimalized to only essential elements, while parts in the outline circle have been left open to create a breathing spatiousness. The logo is suitable for multiple use and implementation.

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Pay-off and tagline

The tagline describes in the most essential edescription which services are being offered. The pay-off states the clinic's distinction and promise to their clients: care on an excellent level that you one can rely on.

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Logo variation

The logo and symbol can be implemented in multiple ways. All possibilites will have strong reference to the branding as a whole, so it will always be recognized for Haaglanden Clinic.

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The selected fonts have a modern, clinical appeal. In comination with selected colors they take part in a clean, medical-related and modern visual communication.

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Colors and gradient

The selected colors are each based on association with a professional and open environment. Their combination offers a total image of clarity, professionalism and modernity. The gradient offers depth and dynamic and is of great use for complete brand implementation.

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Implementation on items

All elements of the Visual Identity show their potential when implemented on a variety of items. Their careful selection and combination give a strong, bold, informative image as part of the brand development.

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Bike stickering employees

Transport on bikes is one the most used ways to get back and forth in The Netherlands. This also concerns the partners and employees of the clinic. With bike stickering they communicate and promote the clinic even when riding from home to work, or for any ride through the city.

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Banner for sportsfield

The clinic focuses on a regional target group in The Hague and surrounding areas. Therefor they also promote themselves on local sport clubs.