Choice & Voice
Naming, sound, and spirit for inside and out


Choice & Voice applies to everything in your brand that needs a corporate or original sound. Take products and services, for example: a sharp, catchy naming contributes to the ranking in people’s minds. It must also be original, because the web is full of already registered domain names. Another example is the tone of voice that you would like to see embedded in the culture of your brand. Every employee, from PR to office manager, knows which language and vocabulary is being spoken.



We offer naming for company, products, or services. We also do this on behalf of promotion campaigns, when selecting hashtags that do well on social media. Tone of voice is offered in a Voice Guide that supports the brand characterization and the need behind it. It’s explained on the basis of keywords, sentences, quotes, examples of e-mail concepts, short copies, and so on.



Choice & Voice contributes to a quick understanding of your offer and high response rates on (online) activities. The Voice Guide secures a solid reference to a unified brand communication, especially when your brand's growing rapidly and the number of team members in accordance.

Choice & Voice includes

  • Compact and to-the-point naming that covers the main purpose or promise of your product and service.


  • Easy to remember, hard to forget, available domain names on the web and hashtags for social media.


  • Voice Guide with reference to spirit, scripts, and mind set.