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Included services

Included services

Life on wheels, follow the sun! launched to become market leader in sale of secondhand campers, by facilitating through an online portal for supply and demand for both professional and private parties. A request for a small but bold identity with main aim for increase of online visibility, and recognition through print promotions.

190527 campers nl moodboard 1000x477px 111970626655

Getting in the mood

If there's one thing that drives fans of campers absolutely wild then it would be the sense of freedom and miles ahead to persui. Weekends gain a lot more value and possibilities when it comes to owning a mobile home. The purchase often comes with a fun loving mood and anticipatory pleasure, so the first feeling to capture for the Visual Identity was obviously this feeling. Playfulness, joy, adventure, and with a slight sense of plainness.

190527 campers nl logo 1000x477px 111970626914

Design of the logo

Offering a direct recognition of the characteristic vignette that some of us will remember from childhood holidays or perhaps more recent roadtrips. The logo is already a symbol on its own because of the vignette-alike shield. It can be placed on numberous positions while always drawing first attention - there's no need to explain itself.

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Typefaces and colors

Having a camper holds a sense of plainness as in 'best things are for free' when it comes to hitting the road in weekends and holidays. This aspect has been processed in features of the visual identity. Plain use of mainly two basic colors and a bold typeface. Not layered, nothing fancy. What you see it what you get, and someone is able to simply upload a camper for sale in less than 10 minutes.

190527 campers nl corporate images 1000x477px 111970541070

Selection of corporate images

Purchased at stock providers are a selection of images, in accordance to the overall life-on-the-road feeling.

190527 campers nl businesscards 1000x477px 111970625947

Taking business to a more sunny level

A set of business cards was created to bring potential business partners in the mood for campers and life on the road. The visual identity consists of a very small, compact, and low budget production: images have been purchased from stock providers while digital printing enables a great variety of (photographic) images to use within the same print circulation.

190527 campers nl directmail 1000x477px 111970540006

Direct Mail advertisement

Concept and graphic design of a Direct Mail, for both buyers and sellers to put their camper for sale online. The triple-fold flyer visibly relates to postcards and photos taken on vacation: the camper you've been driving last summer can be sold as quickly as in 10 seconds. Inside a short, clear explanation is given of how the process works. The feel-good atmosphere of the identity is continued in the direct mail.

190527 campers nl banners 1000x477px 111970540090

Set of digital banners

Graphic design of a banner set to be advertised online on websites of various parties. The  message is clear, the design bold, and a general impact is made.