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A united branding with reach for the 27 countries of the Mediterranean

Business Basecamp facilitates in strategy and coaching for female entrepreneurs that have ambition to scale up their businesses. They're specialized in the Mediterranean countries with knowledge of culture, trade, challenges, and obstacles to overcome. They reach for business women ready for the next level but that are yet not fully aware of strategies, tools, or subsidies to support construction of this. Besides targeting the core group through B2C-strategy, they also profile themselves as authority on female entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean. This communication is directed to another audience consisting of collocutors such as the European Commission and a variety of international seminars.

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Research on Mediterranean women, cultural differences and similarities

Because The Mediterranean consists of 27 surrounding countries, we decided to initiate research to get more profound views on similarities and differences. It's hard to create one united identity that covers all features of all countries, but the research provided us with an outcome to use as base for most according characteristics. Part of this included interviews with men but mostly women with origins or residence in amongst others France, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia and Marocco. They have been asked to give their perspective on society in their country as a whole, specific role of women and opportunities or obstacles faced in pursuing career or business. The output has been of great value and importance for gaining insights, in order to create a united identity that connects with the target group in the entire area.

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Moodboards based on outcome of research

In order to catch an overall image, tone, look & feel a pair of moodboards have been created. They lead up to the stage of first concepts and design, stating some of the core elements to keep in mind while processing the designing.

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Capturing the modern Mediterranean woman

The main focus has been to create of profile the Mediterranean woman of nowadays. With regards to personal lifestyle, happiness, education and aiming, next to more status driven desires in need of support by self-made business trade and profits. Key description is self-consiousness and contribution of a significant share to the own family's opportunities and prosperity.


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Concept of the logo design

For designing of the logo the most significant factor of the 27 different countries has been used: their connection by the Mediterranean Sea. Yet the sea concept and logo design stand for a lot more: multiple number of waves symbolise the social group perspective ‘profit for all’. The overall shape of the logo relates to the eye: looking towards the horizon for exploration and expansion. An open logo without frame: infinite for further growth. Waves: gaining body, strength, growth, flow, on the move. Versatile: depth, tide and flow, calm and wild. Feminine: curves of the waves and use of a round based font.

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Icons of services and products on offer

The main services and products of Business Basecamp are visualized by clarifying icons. They are part of the toolkit provided, enabling Business Basecamp to manage its own graphic resources for promotions of any media.

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Brand Guide for implementation

Next to the toolkit a Brand Guide has been provided for guidelines on how to use and implement colors, gradients, fonts, images, tone-of-voice for every communication. It contributes to keeping the visual identity united and corporate, regardless which party or in-house department will produce future promotional activities.

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Images in look & feel

Included to the Brand Guide is a vision on what kind of images to use. Type of (photographic) images, sort of editing, short-copy et cetera.  Examples are given in case images haven't been created or selected by providers yet. The potential is shown to work towards for future promotions and campaigns. 

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Set of elementary items print and digital

Included to the Visual Identity is a set of created elementary corporate items such as: business cards, Keynote presentation formats, stationery paper(s), hand-out presentation or documentation folder, avatars for social media and web use.

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