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Burgernet, the national initiative in The Netherlands

Burgernet is a partnership between citizens, municipality and police to develop safety in the home and work environment. This uses a telephone network of residents and employees of companies from the municipality. Via a (telephone) communication system, citizens who have reported can be immediately informed of recently committed crimes of other urgent events, such as a missing type of incident in the neighborhood. A registered Burgernet participant is then asked to pay attention to the person described and immediately report this to the police, so that they can search more specifically. Today, Burgernet has 2.4 million participants.

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A few angles have been approached to design a well-communicating logo with national appearance. Use of national colors, a sense of communal prevention, citizenship, the succesful former Postbus 51 announcements on television, and the national symbol of the police.

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The choice has been for a plain combination of only two colors. Orange covers the national color, while royal blue offers a distinctive counter weight for government-related importance.

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For a suitable font we have selected a typeface with a right appeal for governmental and authority association, yet low-entry and welcoming. It's easy to read, open, but also comes with a certain degree of weight. It has several possibilities for implementation when using the entire family for various thicknesses.

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Design of logo

The briefing stated the logo should be visibly related to government, yet with a welcoming appeal. These two traits have been processed to the design, as well as the national colors of The Netherlands. The square flipped on its side relates to the national symbol of the police, while the residential participants and their interest of having a safe home environment are integrated as well.

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Adaption for digital icons

The logo has been desgined with potential for adaption to digital services such as the app and avatars.

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The logo contains core elements for further use and implementations for a number of items produced by other parties. Examples given for this are the smart phone app and website.

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