Brand Strategy
Defining your brand, communicating your business


With Brand Strategy we get to the essence of your brand. We facilitate to get a compact outcome, that will help you growing your business. Can you indicate why customers come to you? Can you specify your offer blindly? Have you ever expressed the exact needs for which your company offers solutions? What message is being conveyed when communicating your business? What do your competitors do, and how can you distinguish yourself from them?



Brand Strategy examines what your company, brand, and offer are about. We determine exactly what your target group needs to know and why they want to be your customer. During the Positioning Session we invite you to actively participate and explore your brand together. You have the prior knowledge of your offer and market, while we set course and lead the session to usable brand results.



All findings will be composed in a manageable Brand Report. Definitions, descriptions, naming and characterization will be fundamental at further stages such as creating the Visual Identity and for further marketing purposes.

Brand Strategy includes


  • Positioning Session
  • Brand Report

This will provide


  • Pay-off and tagline
  • Mission
  • Quick overview products or services
  • Brand characterization
  • Insights on competitors
  • Proposition for distinctive branding

Brand Strategy essential for Visual Identity

Brand Strategy is frequently followed by Visual Identity. Based on all findings of the Positioning Session and Brand Report as an outcome of this, a solid fundamental approach for a distinctive Visual Identity is guaranteed.