Visual Identity
Grand design of look and feel


A Visual Identity offers your brand a basis for starting every future professional promotion. It offers an unmistakable face and attitude, and all elements speak the right language to contact your (future) customers. Your target group will get a clear picture of what your brand and message are about.



A Visual Identity forms the foundation of your business look & feel, giving the outer world the very first impression of you. An identity consists of determining colors, fonts, tone-of-voice, and previews of imagery and its potential for promotional items. Design of the logo is emphasized, as the further brand development will be derived from this. Carefully selected and created elements are brought together in a preview of how implementations can look like. The Visual Identity comes with a series of elementary stationery.



A distinctive, unified corporate identity that offers your brand a starting point for any future promotional material. Basic stationery is included and the Visual Identity is followed by the Brand Guide that can be used for reference. A Visual Identity often gives companies stimulation they need for business growth, specifically boosting marketing and public relations.

Visual Identity includes

  • Design of logo
  • Design of business cards
  • Design of stationery
  • Proposition for imagery
  • Design of presentational assets
  • Reference to international industry standards

It will provide

  • Moodboards to support approach
  • Logo in common file types
  • Tone of voice for short-copy
  • Set of business cards
  • Ready-to-go stationery items
  • E-mail signature
  • Brand Guide for reference