How do we work to create brand value?

Elementary values



No fancy sh*t. What's not needed we leave out. This goes for our presentations, entire mindset and corresponding prices.



Everything we do is well-thought out and with enthusiasm. From client approach to strategic creation.



We commit ourselves to working with our clients, not for. We’re in this together. 



We like to consider your perspective and respect your contribution.



We value clarity, sincerity and a pleasant contact in doing business. The aim is to build a long-term cooperation when growing your brand.



We enjoy a good sense of humor to bring in. A day without a laugh is a day gone to waste!



Last but not least: we understand business. We’re happy if our business makes your business grow!

Mission and vision


In the years before establishing Skochi I have worked from different corners in the creative industry. Time and again I was surprised how much fancy sh*t was being created and presented.


It was sold for crazy lots of money while, not on just a few occasions, the approach itself barely met the core understanding of branding and communication. It is not uncommon for the advertising industry to seal the deal with big talk and slick shows.


My belief is that you can honestly leave out what’s not needed. What remains isa good story and a solid fundament to depart from. This way key values andgoals of your brand will be communicated at all times for every promotional item. Every move, big or small, will become strategic and successful.

Sacha Koch
Brand Director

Respected and valued collaboration partners


Skochi is a small studio with direct access to reinforce the team. For required specific disciplines Skochi collaborates with professional parties, proven through the years to be qualitative, cooperative, professional and reliable. You do business with Skochi, and together with our partners we deliver the whole package. This relates to:


  • web development
  • photography
  • print
  • videography
  • reinforcement design team
  • traffic