A day in the life on the creative floor

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Quality is in the details

We are convinced that the power of quality is in the details. Nothing leaves the studio without a thorough check on complete content, color assessment, pixel perfectness, and paper characteristics. They're carried out by our designer(s), art director and traffic coordinator. Maintaining quality is a constant course: from formulating sufficient (de)briefings to accurate file naming. By doing so, we not only guarantee high standards for our clients, but also let things work for our collaborating partners based on mutual standards.

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Team and partnerships

Skochi is founded by Sacha and she's the lead. For specific disciplines the team gets scaled up. We maintain solid partnerships who are proven to be excellent, reliable and equally driven to deliver quality each in their expertise. Such as for web development, photography, animation, print, and videography. Skochi directs all activities to keep the brand vision and for delivery of a final product to our clients.

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Taking care of the little things

Just like any work and industry things can get hectic at Skochi at times. Approaching deadlines, preparation of proposals, presentations, multiple client meetings, unexpected but welcome events during the day, and so on. We found that there is a lot to say for handling the small things with care. Such as opening the studio with nice music, drinking a coffee, having a chat with fellow workers, and hanging the plants outside. Usually a careful start to the day sets tone for its course.

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Keep on playing

It is in our elementary values and we live up to this as much as we can: a day without laughter is a day gone to waste. We try to sense the humor in as many things as possible. We like nothing more than a good laugh and preferably shared!